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Make a Difference

Here's how it works

  • Registration starts at 9:00, the walk begins at 10:00 am Saturday April 23, 2016 teams of 4 people will walk a 5 km route beginning at the Quinte Wellness Centre collecting playing cards to make the winning poker hand. Poker showdown, party, and prize awards follow immediately after the walk.
  • There will be Dealer Booths along the way. Each team will carry one deck of cards and will draw one playing card at each booth ending up with a poker hand of seven cards at the end of the walk.
  • Extra cards may be purchased for every $250 of extra funds raised by the team.
  • Team Sponsors - each team will be sponsored by and comprised of individuals from local companies (e.g. employees, associates, clients, families or friends).
  • Placards - each team carries a large placard with the sponsor and team names. Before or after the Walk, this stand-alone sign can also be displayed at your company's office or other suitable location.
  • Feature Prizes will be awarded to the 3 teams with the best poker hand.
  • Team Members' pledges entitle them to the Poker Showdown with awards, music, great food, festivities, and a ticket in the Grand Prize draw included.
  • Royal Flush Winner:
    The team with the best poker hand
  • Four Aces Winner:
    The team with the second best hand
  • Full House Winner:
    The team with the third best hand
Winning Poker Hand

These three winning teams will take their pick of fabulous team prizes


Fabulous prizes include a trip south for two!

Every team member receives one ticket in a draw for a trip for two to Las Vegas, plus one ticket for every additional $250 raised in pledges. The winning ticket will be drawn at the Awards Party.

Awards, Harbourfront Party and Prizes!
  • Teams pick out their 7th and last free card.
  • Best hand Poker Showdown - each team puts their best 5 cards forward
  • Prizes Awarded to teams and individuals
  • Program over by 1:00pm
Walk the Walk

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