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Some NEW Talk about the NEW Walk

We made some pretty BIG changes last year and they were all positive and well received. After 10 years of running the walk and raising almost $1 Million Dollars (between the Belleville and GTA Walks) we felt we needed to change our shoes as it were. Instead of going outside and walking 5 km we are now staying inside the Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre and walking from table to table picking up our cards to form our best poker hands just like we used to do along a 5 km trail. And we will all be playing a board game we invented called Round the Ribbon - a fun challenge that will engage and educate about HIV/AIDS. Throw the dice, move aroung the ribbon answering questions. It became wildly competitive from team to team and a great success.

That’s the new part of the talk on the walk. There’s still the same message of hope we have been promoting now into our 13th year. That’s really what the walk is all about - raising awareness and hopefully raising as many dollars as we can, with your help.

Make a Difference

Here's how it works

  • Registration starts at 9:00 am, the "VIRTUAL WALK" begins at 10:00 am Saturday April 27, 2019.
  • Teams of 4 people will walk from table to table collecting playing cards to make their winning poker hand.
  • There will be Dealer Booths along the way. Each team will carry one deck of cards and will draw one playing card at each booth ending up with a poker hand of seven cards at the end of the walk.
  • Poker showdown and prize awards follow immediately after the walk and a rousing game of ROUND the RIBBON.
  • Extra cards may be purchased for every $250 of extra funds raised by the team or for every 3 correct answers to questions on the ROUND the RIBBON.
  • Team Sponsors - each team will be sponsored by and comprised of individuals from local companies (e.g. employees, associates, clients, families or friends).
  • Feature Prizes will be awarded to the 3 teams with the best poker hand.
  • Team Members with minimum pledges of $250. entitle them to the Poker Showdown with awards and a ticket in the Grand Prize of a trip for 2 to Las Vegas draw included.


  • Royal Flush Winner:
    The team with the best poker hand
  • Four Aces Winner:
    The team with the second best hand
  • Full House Winner:
    The team with the third best hand
Winning Poker Hand

These three winning teams will take their pick of fabulous team prizes


Fabulous prizes include a trip south for two!

Every team member who raises the minimum of $250 in pledges receives one ticket in a draw for a trip for two to Las Vegas, plus one ticket for every additional $250 raised in pledges. The winning ticket will be drawn at the Awards Party. Additional cards also awarded to teams for every 3 correct snswers on the "Ribbon Game".

Party and Prizes!

  • Teams pick out their 7th and last free card.
  • Best hand Poker Showdown - each team puts their best 5 cards forward
  • Prizes Awarded to teams and individuals
  • Program over by 1:00pm

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